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  • 1. Where can I view Passage Fares for different destinations?
    - You may view current Passage fares on our website on our RATES and PROMOS section.
  • 2. Where can I get your Vessel's Schedule?
    - You may view our monthly schedule here in our site. Schedule may change though without prior notice and it is best to check our Home Page for the most current one.
  • 3. Where can I get a list of your Ticket Outlets?
    - Click the button “Provincial Agencies / Booking Outlets” to access the current list of Ticket Outlets, their addresses and contact numbers.
  • 4. Can I make reservation online?
    - Our website is not yet equipped with online reservation but you may call us your complete travel itinerary so we can reserve it for you. You may make reservations at Cebu Main office, SM Cebu office and Pier 4 office. We accept requests for reservation for departures of at least 3 working days from booking date. Reservations may be suspended during peak dates when we are about to be fully booked to give way to passengers physically lining up buying tickets at our various outlets.
  • 5. Can I still make changes to my reservations?
    - Yes, you may make changes as long as your request comes in at least 3 working days from your preferred departure date.
  • 6. Where can I pick up and pay for the tickets I reserved?
    - You may purchase your reserved tickets at Cebu Main office, SM Cebu ticket outlet and Pier 4 Cebu Pier ticket outlet. You may also arrange to have your tickets picked up at our authorized Provincial agencies or Provincial branch.
  • 7. Can I have my passage tickets delivered?
    - We do not cater yet to ticket delivery. We recommend you visit your nearest ticket outlet to purchase your tickets.
  • 8. What do I do if I lose my tickets?
    - Under Passage Terms and Conditions found at the back of our passage ticket, lost tickets cannot be replaced. You may report the lost ticket though so unscrupulous persons cannot use it. Should you find the misplaced tickets at a later date, you may have it refunded or revalidated at the nearest ticket outlet as long as ticket is still complete and within the validity date.
  • 9. Where can I find the schedule for different destinations?
    - Click “Schedules” button to access the schedule and passage rates.
  • 10. What are the different accommodations available on board?
    - There are five (5) types of accommodation on all Trans Asia vessels. The highest class is the Presidential Suite room, followed by Cabin, the Tourist de luxe, Tourist and the 2nd Class non-aircon accommodation. The Presidential Suite room is sold on a per room basis, ranging from good for two (2) to three (3) passengers inside the room. Suite rooms have complete amenities such as individual reading lamp, closet, toilet and bath, television set and DVD player, private intercom, and on some vessels, a personal butler and a private verandah with coffee table and 2 chairs. Cabin rooms are designed for small families or groups with a choice of good for 2 to 8 passengers in a room. This is sold on a per passenger basis with amenities such as toilet and bath, television set and half curtains for privacy. Tourist de luxe accommodations is in an airconditioned room with double bunks bed with a television in the room showing in-house featured movies. Tourist accommodations are air-conditioned cubicles in groups of 2 to 8, with individual reading lamp, half curtains for privacy and television set showing in-house featured movies. 2nd class non-aircon accommodation is designed for those who want to enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Television sets are strategically located showing in-house featured movies.
  • 11. Do I need to make a reservation?
    - Reservation is encouraged specially when booking Presidential Suite and Cabin rooms since these are limited accommodations. We accept reservations over the telephone.
  • 12. Can I buy my ticket on the day of departure?
    - Yes, you can buy your ticket on the day of departure though it is recommended that you secure your tickets in advance to beat the traffic at night and avoid long lines at the ticket counter.
  • 13. How many days in advance can I buy my ticket?
    - You may purchase your tickets as early as 1 month in advance.
  • 14. Where at Cebu Pier does Trans-Asia vessels dock?
    - All Trans-Asia vessels dock at Pier 5, Cebu Port, Cebu City.
  • 15. What time should I be at the pier to board the vessel?
    - Be at the Cebu Pier Terminal 3, the pre-boarding area at least two (2) hours before scheduled departure. Pay the Terminal fee and submit your baggage for inspection at the X-ray machine. Proceed to the check-in counter to confirm your cot allocation. Present your terminal ticket upon entering the holding area and wait for boarding announcements. You will then be transported by the PPA shuttle bus from the Terminal to the vessel (in areas where applicable). Your cot allocation is no longer a guarantee should you not have yet checked in thirty (30) minutes before scheduled departure.
  • 16. What is the allowable baggage that I can bring on board?
    - A free baggage allowance of two (2) 0.05 cubic meter or equivalent to 50 kilos (totaling  to 100 kilos) is granted to 2nd class and tourist passengers.  Presidential suite room and cabin passengers have double allowance in terms of quantity but not in size. Minors' allowance is half in size that of an adult. Baggage in excess of allowance will be deemed as cargo and will be treated as such and charged accordingly.
  • 17. What should I do if I have excess baggage?
    - You will be referred to the vessel purser for issuance of a bill of lading and settlement of freight charges.
  • 18. What are the things that I cannot bring on board?
    - Items considered as dangerous and detrimental to the safety of other passengers and of the Vessel must not be carried in passenger's baggage. Examples of these dangerous items are compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, bags with installed alarm devices, oxidizing materials, poisonous and infectious substances and the like. Knives and sharp objects should be deposited with Vessel Captain and shall be turned over back to the passenger at port of destination.
  • 19. Can I bring along my pet dog / cat with me?
    - Yes, you may bring your pet dog or cat on your trip but it must be placed in a kennel or secure cage preferably with a lining for the litter. You must secure a bill of lading, permit from Bureau of Animal Industry and pay for sea freight charges. The kennel will be placed along the aisle identified to be well ventilated for such cargo.
  • 20. Can I bring fighting cocks with me?
    - Yes, you may bring fighting cocks on your trip but it must be placed in a box or “bayong”. You must secure a permit from Bureau of Animal Industry and pay for sea freight charges in excess of 2 heads of fighting cocks. Fighting cocks will be placed in an area identified by Vessel Officer for such cargo.
  • 21. I'm pregnant. Am I allowed to take the trip?
    - Yes, you can, as long as you present a medical certificate (date of medical examination should be at least 5 days prior departure) and sign a waiver attesting to your fitness to undertake sea travel. Otherwise, you may be denied boarding.
  • 22. My mother is sick. Do you accept sick passengers?
    - Yes, we accept sick passengers for as long as the condition is not contagious and detrimental to other passengers' safety and well-being. A medical certificate (date of medical examination should be at least 5 days prior departure) attesting to fitness to undertake sea travel is a must otherwise Carrier reserves the right to deny boarding. Non-ambulatory cases, especially those with life support should be accompanied by a licensed nurse / doctor companion. Passengers with oxygen must bring enough supply to last for the whole duration of the trip.
  • 23. My father is on a wheelchair. How do we make arrangements for a comfortable travel?
    - You may get in touch with our Cebu Main Office or Provincial Agency at least 2 working days to inform us of the passenger's special condition. Contact numbers can be found on our Main page.
  • 24. How do I get to know your latest updates or promotions?
    - You can check out our website for Ongoing Promotions by clicking “Rates & Promos”.
  • 25. Do Senior Citizens and Minors get discounted fares?
    - Yes, we comply with government-mandated discounts. Click “Passage Fares” to see a listing of all our discounted fares.
  • 26. Is there a surcharge if I don't push through with my trip?
    - A surcharge of 10% based on basic regular fare is applied for refund prior departure and 20% if after departure.
  • 27. What are the amenities on board?
    Starsy Shoppe, our convenient store, carries a wide variety of snack foods and drinks, toiletries, and other knick knacks one needs for a comfortable travel. Triton's Retso-Bar offers continental cuisine for that on board fine dining experience. Our Floating Grill combines fresh air and “larsian” style of cooked meat hot off the grill at your very eyes. A coffee shop in the lobby concocts gourmet coffee drinks at your whims and a Spa Salon operated by Crossover Health and Spa simply massages away  all your body aches. Amenities may differ from other vessels.  Please check under “Vessels” page for the actual amenities of our different vessels.
  • 28. What are Value Meals and how can I avail of it?
    - Value meals are satisfying dinner meals, freshly cooked and served hot on board. For only Php 50.00, the meal consists of 1 ½ cup rice, 1 main dish viand, a side dish and a free drink. Value meals take away the hassle of buying food on the way to the boat or eating unappetizing cold “baon”. You may purchase a Value Meal coupon when you buy your ticket. Claim your Value Meal at Triton's Resto-Bar onboard.
  • 29. Do you have free shuttle service?
    - We offer free shuttle bus pick up from SM City Cebu to Terminal 3, Cebu. Schedule of the Shuttle bus changes from time to time so it is best to contact our office for that day’s pick up time.
  • 30. Can I still upgrade my ticket once on board?
    - Yes, you can have your ticket upgraded on board. Approach any deck attendant at the Information Counter to inquire for availability of higher accommodations.
  • 31. I'm interested to operate a ticket outlet. How do I apply?
    - You may contact our Passage Manager at (032) 2546491 local 244 or email us at

  • 1. Where can I view Cargo tariffs for different destinations?
    - You may download current Cargo tariffs by sending an email to To request for a specific cargo rate for a certain shipment, you may email us at with complete information such as the kind of cargo, quantity, destination, volume (length, width and height) and / or weight (in kilogram).
  • 2. Where can I get your Vessel's Schedule?
    - You may view our monthly schedule here in our site and you may also download our 10 day current schedule by sending an email to Schedule may change though without prior notice and it is best to check our Home Page for the most current one.
  • 3. Are your vessels ro-ro type? Can I bring my car along?
    - All our vessels are roll on – roll off.  We accept cars for shipment for all the ports we service.
  • 4. How do we book our cargoes? What details are needed?
    - You may proceed directly to our Cebu Main or Provincial Agency office for documentation. We will need the following details: items, quantity, description, shipper, consignee, destination, date of shipment, declared value and other important details. Please ensure details are correct to have a hassle free withdrawal of cargoes at port of destination.
  • 5. When should we book?
    - You may book your cargoes as early as 1 week in advance.
  • 6. How do you charge?
    - Cargoes are charged under 3 tariff classifications, either by weight or volume, whichever is higher. For an approximate charge, call or visit the nearest Trans Asia Cargo booking office.
  • 7. What documents / permits do I need to secure?
    •  Animals - Bureau of Animal Industry, Arellano Boulevard, Pier 2, Cebu •  Cadaver - Death certificate and Permit to transfer from City Health, Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu •  Rolling cargoes - Official receipt and Certificate of registration •  Dangerous substances - Philippine Coast Guard, Pier 3, Cebu •  Fish / Shellfish – Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, Arellano Boulevard, Pier 2 •  Plants - Bureau of Plant and Industry, Arellano Boulevard, Pier 2, Cebu •  Rice - National Food Authority, Banilad, Cebu •  Sugar - Sugar Regulatory Administration, 2 nd floor, Rm 211 Martinez Bldg., Osmena Blvd.
  • 8. Are there any other charges aside from sea freight?
    - You will need to pay for arrastre and wharfage charges at port of origin and destination. For RRTS cargoes, you will need to pay for Terminal fee only.
  • 9. What cargoes are not allowed for shipment?
    - Dangerous or hazardous cargoes are allowed for shipment subject to Philippine Coast Guard's approval.
  • 10. What documents do I need to present to claim incoming cargoes?
    - You will need to present a copy of the bill of lading or a valid identification card to ascertain identity as the consignee to claim incoming cargo.

If you need help or have more questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to serve you. With TRANS ASIA, talagang “At Home ka sa Biyahe”!
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